Fly Me To The Pigs!

Ready, Set, Go!


Relax! Get ready you're headed to Staniel Cay, Exuma, Bahamas! Surrounded by the pristine turquoise blue waters, complimented by the natural beauty of the Bahama Cays.
Let us walk you through a typical day experience.

Bespoke Comfort!


There would be a comfortable, clean aircraft waiting to transport you or your family to begin your unique Bahamian experience.​

Island Time!


You've arrived! Welcome to Staniel Cay, Exuma, Bahamas! Now that you're here, you will be met by a boat captain who will chauffeur you throughout your experience.


Something Different!


​Finally the moment you've been waiting for! The swimming pigs is truly an attraction one must experience in person, complimented by the beautiful sandbar situated in the middle of the shallow, turquoise blue waters of the beautiful Exuma, Cays!

Friendly Sharks!


Enough of the pigs - it's time to swim with the friendly nurse sharks! 

After Its All Said And Done..


Unfortunately, after several hours of exciting beaching and relaxing under the Bahamian sun, it's time to head home. Your aircraft and pilot will be at the airport waiting to safely transport you and/or your guest(s) back to Nassau, Bahamas via a short 25-30 minute flight.